Scale of Scholarship

At the end of the semester, instructors submit letter grades to indicate the quality of students’ work in a course. Semester and cumulative grade point averages (G.P.A.) are computed at the end of each semester. The grade point average is determined by the ratio of the total number of quality points received to the total number of credits attempted. Only grades earned at Lourdes will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average. Credits accepted from other institutions as part of the student’s program are transferred to the student’s permanent record without grades or quality points. Quality points for each semester of credit are assigned according to the following system.

Grade Achievement Quality Points Per Hour
A = Superior Quality 4.00
A- = Slightly less than superior quality 3.67
B+ = Slightly more than high quality 3.33
B = High quality 3.00
B- = Slightly less than high quality 2.67
C+ = Slightly more than average quality 2.33
C = Average 2.00
C- = Slightly less than average quality 1.67 1.67
D+ = Above passing, but below average quality 1.33 1.33
D = Passing, but below average quality 1.00 1.00
D- = Passing, but barely above failing .67 .67
F = Failing, no credit but hours calculated into grade point average .00
FA = Failure due to lack of attendance, no credit but hours calculated into grade point average .00
S = Satisfactory (credit but no effect on G.P.A.)
U = Unsatisfactory (no credit earned, no effect on G.P.A.)
UA = Unsatisfactory due to lack of attendance (no credit earned, no effect on G.P.A.)
I = Incomplete (no credit earned)
AU = Audit (no credit earned)
W = Withdrawn (official withdrawal from course by student)
X = Credit by examination
Z = Experiential Learning

Drop/Withdrawal Dates

Dates are subject to change. Please see the academic calendar for most accurate Drop/Withdrawal dates.

Change of Schedule for Drop, Add, Audit, or Withdrawal

All changes in schedules are made with your advisor. Classes may not be added after the closing date for late registration. Withdrawals may be requested until two weeks before final examinations. The deadline date is specified in the calendar found in the semester schedule of courses.

A student who desires to make any changes in his/her schedule after late registration must fill out a Drop/Add/Audit/Withdrawal Form which is available in the Advising Center. He/She must obtain signatures of both advisor and instructor as official approval of the change and as evidence that possible alternatives and consequences were discussed. The completed Drop/Add/ Audit/Withdrawal Form must be returned to the Registrar’s Office. If the student receives financial aid, the Financial Aid Office must be contacted.

A student who audits a class receives no credit and is required to take no examinations. A student registering for a course for credit may change his or her status to that of audit until mid-semester. The reverse is also true. Only one such change is permitted.

Official withdrawal will be recorded on the student’s record with “W” for a grade, which is not calculated in the student’s grade point average. Official withdrawal requires submission of an Official Drop/ Add/Audit/Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office. This form must be signed by the Advisor, Financial Aid Office and the Director of Retention before being turned into the Registrar’s Office. Mere cessation of attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal and will result in an “F” or an “FA” grade for the course.

Repeating Courses

A student who wishes to repeat a course must inform his/her advisor at the time of registration. The student will receive only the credit and quality points from his/her most recent registration. Although the grade first earned will remain on the record, it will not be counted in the grade point average.

For example: First time: MUS 112 E (E = excluded from G.P.A.)
Repeated: MUS 112 I (I = included in G.P.A.)

All courses may only be repeated once. To determine whether a course may be repeated, a student who does not withdraw from a class prior to the financial aid “freeze date” is considered to have “taken” the course.

Class Standing

Class Hours
Freshman 0 – 27 semester hours
Sophomore 28 – 55 semester hours
Junior 56-83 semester hours
Senior 84 semester hours and above