Have you learned from some of your experiences the same information that is studied in Lourdes classes? You may be eligible to earn credit for what you already know. Lourdes recognizes that significant, college-level learning does take place outside the classroom. We want to assist students by recognizing their learning and offering them options for gaining credit for this knowledge.

Options Available at Lourdes

  • Standardized Tests: for competency through the College Board.
  • Non-Collegiate Sponsored Learning: military credit and other learning at the college level that takes place in classes taught by organizations not accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Examples include American Council on Education’s Office (ACE), Dale Carnegie credit, and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)
  • Experiential Learning: College-level learning demonstrated and documented through the creation of a portfolio.

Contact the Director of Prior Learning, to learn more about these opportunities for earning college credit.

Benefits of Prior Learning Credit

  • Personal
    • Increase your self-confidence by documenting your accomplishments.
    • Enhance your self-worth by acknowledging what you have done for yourself.
    • Highlight your personal strengths.
  • Professional
    • Earn college credit for your competencies.
    • Save on tuition. Fees are lower than the charge for the same number of credit hours taken through classroom courses.
    • Save on time. Multiple class requirements and electives can be met through testing, certificates or portfolio credits.
    • Increase your potential for upward mobility in your career.