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Fall 2020

BIO 399 – What Makes Us Sick?

This course analyzes the historical, cultural, ethical and scientific issues related to various human diseases and disorders.  It also looks at the social, cultural and economic impacts of these diseases.

BUS 399 SLW – What Makes a Leader?
(Online, with service learning)This seminar course explores the nature of leadership by examining contemporary leadership theory and relating it to relevant examples found in works of literature, philosophy, and history. Themes that will be explored, among others, include character, communication, vision, motivation, success, and failure. Lessons will be extracted from select leadership figures in literature and history.

EDU 399 – Why is St. Francis of Assisi a Man for All Seasons?

This course explores the foundations established by St. Francis of Assisi, in the context of his own life and times.  In addition, this course examines the pervasive legacy and influence of Francis across cultures, disciplines, and individuals over the following 800 years.  Most simply, how and why has Francis of Assisi been revered as a powerful, globally influential model among diverse people over time?