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LUC 201 A: The Wild 1960s in America
Mondays, 1:10-2:00
Instructor: Dwayne Beggs

In this course we will be exploring the radical shift that took place during the 1960s.  Drugs, Sex, Rock and Roll, the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement all played a significant role in the country’s move from “traditional values” to a more liberal position.  Join us as we examine each of these aspects, seeking to understand how they were each infused into American culture and Society and the impact they have had on America to this day.


 LUC 201 B: Explorations in Podcasting
Tuesdays, 12:30-1:20
Instructor: Anna Rood

In this course, students will explore the power of storytelling through podcasting.  The course will include an overview on the importance of conversation and connection, while also examining and evaluating the components of a good interview.  Students will assess current trends in podcasting technology while considering the future implications of podcasting in our media-saturated culture. Additionally, students will be introduced to equipment used here at Lourdes University as a catalyst for student-led podcasts!  This class is meant to be both exploratory and professionally creative.


 LUC 201 C: Exploring the Aesthetics & Psychology of Horror
Thursdays, 11-11:50
Instructor: Tara Woodbury

This course will evaluate the psychology of Horror within the mediums of film, art, music, and literature. Attention will be placed upon character development, themes of suspense, fear, and isolation, and what in fact constitutes a “Monster”. We will examine old school literature such as: Frankenstein, Dracula, and also incorporate the modern idea of serial killers, as the monsters that can lurk among us.


LUC 201 D: Adulting
Wednesdays, 10:00-10:50
Instructor:  Nina Wright

What do people really mean when they talk about the “real world?” Are they referring to life after college? A first professional job? Getting married?  Setting a budget? In this course, we will discuss some of the new (and expanded) categories of responsibilities and challenges that people face and develop a tentative definition of what it means to be an adult. Some of the categories that we’ll discuss include: work etiquette, personal health and safety, handling communication challenges in this new world, and de-stressing.


LUC 201 E: Let’s Do Toledo
Thursdays, 9:30-10:20
Instructor: TBA

Toledo means different things to different people – for some it is home, for others it is far from it. In this course, students will study multiple facets of the city of Toledo. They will examine its history, industries, attractions, and demographics, while also having the opportunity to reflect upon their own experiences of the city. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to be active citizens by engaging with other members of the community. Students will become more attuned to the many features of Toledo, whether they are brand new to the area or life-long residents.