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FYE 202 Spring 2020 

FYE 202 A: Communication Connections – 21st Century Leadership & Social Issues
T 12:30-1:20

Students will learn about competencies needed for 21st Century Leadership, Franciscan perspectives on leadership today, and the history of students in social change leadership roles.  Students will select and research a topic for 21st century social justice and social change, then create a social media campaign to support social change on this issue.

FYE 202 B: Communication Connections – It’s Not You; It’s Me!
W 11-11:50
For years, mental health issues have been hidden behind a curtain of stigma and discrimination. Since one in five adults experiences a mental health issue each year, the magnitude of suffering and burdening costs for individuals, families and society are staggering. It is time to take a stand, spread the word and make a difference. In this course, students will explore a variety of mental health disorders.

Through a collaborative group project, students will select a mental health issue and a nonprofit organization whose mission is aligned with that specific issue to craft a social media message to promote the identified gap/cause.

FYE 202 C: Communication Connections – The Battle for Equality in America
F 11-11:50

The American Civil War did not end racism/discrimination, it only forced racism/discrimination  to take on new forms.  In all reality racism/discrimination has continued since the 1860s and even expanded throughout the years.  What will it take to end the scourge of racism/discrimination and usher in Social Justice in America?

FYE 202 D: Communication Connections – Social Justice and Cognitive Bias
R 12:30-1:20

This course will explore the meaning of social justice, the, mostly non-profit, organizations that promote social justice, and the cognitive biases implicit within the various organizations, and society.  Students will apply critical thinking and communications skills to develop a social media campaign to educate the public on the perils of cognitive bias in social justice organizations, the media, and popular causes within the society.

FYE 202 E: Communication Connections – Migrants & Refugees
M 12-12:50

This course explores the concerns experienced by refugees and migrants and the causes that lead to migration. Students will examine the issue from multiple perspectives, investigate policies, and explore ways to use traditional and contemporary methods of communication to present ways to resolve the issues that surface.