ASC Building

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is always looking for tutors and coaches to join our wonderful ASC team.

If your goal is to:

  • Help others succeed
  • Become a teacher
  • Build your resume
  • Share your life experience with others
  • Or really, just learn more about your own skills within a community

You may be perfect as a Tutor / Coach!


The Academic Success Center is looking for both:

  • Peer Tutors / Coaches – undergraduate students currently enrolled in college courses
  • Professional Tutors / Coaches – teachers, professionals, and those who have earned degrees or are currently enrolled in graduate level courses


Job Summary ( Tutor / Academic Coach / SLA Coach ):

Tutors support students in almost all content matter (including math, sciences, business, writing/English, nursing, psychology, sociology, social work, criminal justice, and study skills). Tutors help to clarify and/or reinforce course content, assignments and materials. Tutoring is a supplement to teaching, not a replacement for class attendance and participation. Tutors do not provide “answers” but rather assist in the learning process.

Academic Coaches help to integrate effective goal-setting, learning styles, study strategies, and life skills into the schedules of their assigned students. Coaches are knowledgeable in time management, organization, study skills, note taking, and other topics. Coaching provides academic support to students for developing their skills and confidence to become independent learners.

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) Coaches provide organized group study practice in an active learning lab. SLA sessions are attached to historically difficult classes to support students’ overall academic success. SLA Coaches are trained to use different learning style techniques resulting in improved memory and recall of course content, and they prepare specific practice materials, worksheets, and other educational resources for each session.

General Skills: 

  • Basic computer skills
  • Organization skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills and ease in relating to people from varying educational, cultural, and social backgrounds
  • Proven track record of responsibility, reliability, and punctuality
  • Ability to maintain a friendly, cooperative, and student-oriented atmosphere
  • Commitment to keeping all student information confidential and complying with FERPA guidelines

Essential Duties:

  • Meet with students on a one-to-one or small-group basis to provide learning assistance.
  • Complete and submit a tutoring report after each session.
  • Work only with current Lourdes University students.
  • Maintain confidentiality of student information.
  • Maintain communication with ASC supervisory staff.
  • Attend pre-semester mandatory training (in fall and spring).
  • Foster academic integrity.
  • Model appropriate academic attitudes and behaviors to staff, faculty, and students.
  • Demonstrate dedicated work ethic, including coming to work when scheduled, arriving on time, actively participating in the job during the work shift, and timely notification of any schedule conflicts.
  • Consistently stay up-to-date with new training procedures and policies.

In the ASC, Tutors/Coaches can set their availability to meet their own scheduling needs. We provide initial training, professional development opportunities, and ongoing support. You will never be without help or a resource if you ask!

All undergraduate Peer Tutors / Coaches are expected to achieve academically. The Director and Staff of the Academic Success Center support all undergraduate Peer Tutors / Coaches in keeping themselves accountable to their own academic responsibilities.


To become a Peer Tutor / Coach, you must:

  • Earn an A- or better in the subject of the course to be tutored.
  • Obtain instructor/advisor recommendation for each course/subject to be tutored.
  • Complete a FAFSA for the current academic year.
  • Provide your resume/CV.
  • Fill out a Peer Tutor / Coach application here.

To become a Professional Tutor / Coach, you must:

  • Have earned an A- or better and/or a degree in the subject of the course to be tutored.
  • Provide a cover letter with your resume/CV.
  • Provide copy of transcript(s) from undergraduate and graduate institution(s).
  • Fill out a Professional Tutor / Coach application here.