Residual ACT ASC

Current Lourdes students are able to register for a residual ACT test that will potentially enable students to improve their Math, Science, English, and Reading placement. Students are eligible to register for one, two, or all of the tests that are offered below.

To register for the test, please contact Lisa Mattin at

Payment for the Residual ACT Test is non-refundable. Scores on this examination are only valid at Lourdes University. If you sign up to take a single section test (Math, English, etc.) be sure that it is the only ACT test you will need.  You are only able to take the Residual ACT once every 60 days even if you only took a portion of the test.

Limited spots are available for each of the test dates. Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. Students will be notified of their registration once a date/time is finalized, the payment and form are received.

Tutoring is available in the ASC for Reading/Writing and Math Residual/Praxis Testing and varies per semester.  For both individual and drop-in times, please contact Lisa Mattin at

Please feel free to visit the following websites where you are able to find FREE practice Praxis/Residual ACT tests.


Khan Academy –

Kaplan –

Lourdes Library (Testing & Education Reference Center) –

ACT – (scroll to the bottom where it says FREE practice ACT test)

Go to Google or other search engines and type in free ACT or Praxis practice tests