Academic Support Center
  • Martindale’s The Reference Desk
    Online calculators, science tables, language, science, medicine, math, engineering, education, arts, environment, world daily reports and news, links with interactive tutorials
  • Noodle Tools
    Search intelligently; assess the quality of your results; record, organize and synthesize information. Automatically format your bibliography in MLA or APA style
  • Statistical Resources on the Web
    Web links compiled by the University of Michigan Library documents center for many subject areas
  • Librarian’s Index to the Internet
    Collection of over 20,000 high-quality Web sites described, organized and indexed by librarians
    Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching is a FREE and OPEN resource designed primarily for faculty and students in higher education
  • Internet Public Library
    All library services via the Internet
  • Library of Congress
    Library catalog, historic documents, photos, audio and video, multilingual resources on world culture, legislative information
  • Mag Portal
    Search for individual articles from many freely accessible magazines