Academic Resources

Students selected for the ARCHES program would participate in a three week summer program held in early August that focuses on enhancing academic skills and strategies involved with reading, writing, and mathematics.

Upon completing the first two weeks of instruction in the ARCHES program, students will take an assessment test with the opportunity to test directly into college level courses.  However, if the resulting scores do not place the student into college level courses, the student, instead of being enrolled in developmental courses in reading, writing, and/or mathematics, will alternatively be placed in college level courses with a Supplemental Instruction (SI) section.  In addition to meeting three hours a week with the main content instructor, the student will be required to meet one additional hour each week in a Supplemental Instruction class where additional support focusing on reading and writing or mathematics skills connected with the content material in the course is provided.

Upon successful completion of courses containing supplemental instruction in the fall, the student will be enrolled in college level English and/or mathematics with an added Supplemental Instruction component for the spring semester.

ARCHES participants will meet monthly throughout the semester with the director of the program for feedback and continued academic coaching.


  • Students in the ARCHES program will save both money and time.
  • Students will arrive early, have time to get settled & acquainted with campus & meet fellow classmates
  • Students will have additional opportunities for academic support throughout the year
  • Students will  be provided with numerous strategies for success in classroom

ARCHES Program Application



Instead of being charged $2265 for one or more developmental courses, students selected for the ARCHES program will be initially charged $500.

Students who successfully complete both the college level course and the supplemental component will be credited $250 after enrolling for classes in the Spring of 2022. Students successfully completing the college level English or Mathematics course and the supplemental component in the Spring will be credited the final $250 after enrolling for classes in the Fall of 2022.