Upward Bound

How much does the program cost?

As a founded program by the Department of Education, Lourdes Upward Bound is at no cost to students or parents/guardians

Do students have to participate in both components (Academic Year & Summer) of the program?

Yes, students will have to participate in both the Academic Year and Summer Program.  Lourdes Upward Bound excuses for one after school activity during the academic year.

If workshops, tutoring/advising sessions, and/or activities are cancelled, how will students be notified?

Parents/Guardians and Students will be notified through text and/or phone calls regarding the cancelation. Additionally, updates will be posted on Lourdes Upward Bound social media.

Does Upward Bound provide scholarships?

Although Lourdes Upward Bound does not provide scholarships, one of our priorities is to assist students in finding and completing scholarship applications.

Does Upward Bound provide transportation to cultural/social events?

Nearly all transportation is covered to and from Waite and Woodward.  If there is an event where students will have to be transported by parent/guardian notification will be sent out in advance.

Does participation in Upward Bound mean that I must attend Lourdes University?

No, Upward Bound is dedicated to finding the college/university that will best serve individual students needs as well as the best financial choice.

Can students work while participating in Upward Bound?

Yes, if students are able to dedicate four hours to tutoring each week during the academic year and able to attend the summer program. Upward Bound can provide letters to employers.

Do students receive high school or college credit for completing Upward Bound?

No, however students receive holistic experiences including, academic assistance, college preparation, cultural experiences, and social emotional learning.  Upward Bound will also assist students who would like to apply for College Credit Plus classes.

How often are student stipends paid?

Student stipends are paid monthly.  Depending on their attendance they can earn up to $40 a month.