Upward Bound


  • Ninth and tenth grade students attending Waite or Woodward High Schools
  • Willing to take the rigorous College Preparatory Curriculum
  • Those who have obtain at 2.3 Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Low income, Potential First Generation College Students, and those who have a high risk for academic failure (Failed previous OST in Reading Language Arts/Math, have below a 2.5 GPA, or have not completed Algebra 1 prior to the tenth grade)

Potential participants should complete and submit the Upward Bound Application (PDF)

Once the Upward Bound Program has received a completed application, a review will be conducted by the Upward Bound Staff. Students who meet the requirements, will be offered the opportunity to interview (parent/guardian must attend) with the Upward Bound Director. Potential participants will then be granted a 60 day probationary period to utilize the services of Upward Bound. Immediately following the 60th day, a review will be completed by the Upward Bound Staff and Evaluation by the student to consider permanent participation with the Lourdes University Upward Bound Program.

Brochure (PDF)

It is very important to us that students applying to this program understand the essential aspects of the Lourdes University Upward Bound Program. We consider it a wonderful opportunity for all students. However, experience has taught us that the students who have most enjoyed our program came in with a basic understanding of its structure and purpose.

  • Upward Bound is an academic program and that academics come first.
  • This program will help me prepare for a four-year college while exposing me to the opportunities available on college campuses.
  • The program emphasizes respect. I understand this means to respect not only the Upward Bound Staff but also, teachers, tutors, students, and all others whom you may meet through the Lourdes University Upward Bound Program (LUUB).
  • I am expected to carry myself in the highest regard at all times.
  • The program includes a rigorous academic curriculum and as a participant, I must take a college preparatory curriculum while in high school.
  • I am expected to attend LUUB afterschool tutorials at least 4 hours each week.
  • I am expected to bring class/homework to afterschool tutorials and work will be given.
  • I may be excused for one extra-curricular activity throughout the academic year. (i.e. Students will be excused for one sport or other afterschool activity where they may be unable to meet the required 4 hours per week.)
  • Upward Bound is an academic program, which also includes a summer component, which I am expected to attend.
  • I will be expected to participate in scheduled Upward Bound social/cultural events, workshops and community service projects.
  • I will be expected to follow program rules, policies and regulations during my participation in the LUUB Program outlined in the LUUB Handbook.
  • Once I become a participant (60 days of full participation after start date), I am a participant until I graduate. Should I decide to withdraw myself from the LUUB Program, I am expected to immediately notify LUUB staff by submitting a written letter with both mine and my parent’s signature, date and reason for withdraw.
  • I will be expected to meet with Upward Bound Staff for advising purposes.

Handbook (PDF)

Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form (PDF)