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The Lourdes University College of Arts and Sciences offers students several academic resources. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Art Studios Photo

Art majors and students enrolled in art courses appreciate the art studios for creating 2-D and 3-D art. Printmaking, ceramic and painting studios are located in the Canticle Center and Mother Adelaide Hall.
Canticle Center Gallery Photo

The art gallery located in the Canticle Center atrium is the perfect place for students to display their individual and senior exhibits.

Fr Jim Bacik Archives Photo

Housed in the Duns Scotus Library, the Father Jim Bacik Archives offer undergraduate and graduate theology majors a treasure trove of material from this well-known theologian.
Historical Sources Photo

Lourdes students and history majors can hone their research and writing skills through Historical Sources and the Style Guide for History Papers.
Music Rooms Photo

Music minors and students enrolled in music courses enjoy the acoustic Canticle Center music rooms designed to enhance their studies.
Science Resource Center Photo

The Science Resource Room (SRR) is located in Mother Adelaide Hall next to the science labs. It houses Lourdes’ extensive Anatomy and Physiology model collection as well as additional specimens from the natural and physical sciences. Students can utilize a microscopy practice area, computer stations and reference materials. This full scale space provides an ideal setting for students to study for lab exams individually or in groups.

Summer Science Camps Photo

The Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences and the Lourdes University Center for Science Education and the Environment offer young scientists annual summer camps. Education and Biology students assist in teaching these talented young scientists.
The Tau Journal Photo

The Tau has been in existence since 1959. Historically, The Tau has been a faculty-led initiative featuring creative writing and visual artwork from writers across the globe. Today, a select group of English and other College of Arts and Sciences majors play a prominent role in the selection and publication process.

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The College of Arts and Sciences offers the following resources for its students.

Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences

Department of English

Department of History, Political Science and Geography

Lourdes University Academic Resources