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TRiO Student Support Services program requests that you evaluate the coaching assistance you have received. Your feedback is very important for our goal of maintaining a quality program. Your honest responses will be appreciated. Including your name on the form is optional.

  • The coach knows and understands the nature of my study skills issue * Required
  • The coach can explain ideas and concepts clearly * Required
  • The coach asks me questions and has me work on techniques to improve my study skills * Required
  • The coach listens to me and tries to understand my specific problem(s), question(s) * Required
  • The coach asks me to explain, summarize and give examples in order to check my understanding * Required
  • The coach is patient with me * Required
  • The coach is friendly and courteous with me * Required
  • The coach uses an alternative explanation if needed * Required
  • The coach is trying to accommodate my learning style * Required
  • The coach comes to the coaching sessions on time * Required
  • Overall, sessions with this coach were helpful in improving my study skills * Required
  • The coach uses different aids like iPads, tables, graphs, pictures, hands-on, etc. to explain material when possible * Required
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.