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Bachelor of Arts

Art history provides the perfect blend of sociology, history, art, economics and politics. The cultural literacy gained in this major propels a graduate to pursue succeess in a variety of careers. Possibilities include video director, art curator, administrative positions within the entertainment industry, archivist, conservationist, marketer, educator, and researcher.

High achieving students can choose to apply for membership as an Honors Program candidate.

A Bachelor of Arts in Art History takes students on a creative process that delves into art and its evolution from the beginning of human history until present day. The art historian major investigates methods of creating art and the relationship between civilization, human existence and the evolution of art techniques and styles. Students also study the life and career of noted individual artists, both past and present.

Lourdes University is a member of SACI, Studio Art College International. Art history majors can apply for a full tuition scholarship for a uniquely cultural study abroad experience in Florence, Italy.

Mission: BA-Art History

To educate both majors and non-majors in the belief that the visual arts are intrinsically valuable to all learners, that they signify historical ideology and embody diverse individual and cultural expression. In addition, through the study of art history students will expand their knowledge of aesthetic appreciation and thought.


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