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Bachelor of Arts in Art History

Total credit hours: 128

The Bachelor of Arts degree with an art history major is a four-year program, which includes 48 credit hours in art and art history. In addition to the curriculum requirements, students will prepare CD portfolio of writing and artwork samples.

Required Curriculum

Core and General Education for Bachelor of Arts degree (38-39 credit hours)

Students majoring in Art can use courses marked with an asterisk (*) to fulfill both general education and major requirements.

The College of Arts and Sciences requires an additional 12 credits in General Education from the disciplines within the college for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Fine Arts (18 credit hours)
ART 101* Drawing I
ART 102 Design Fundamentals
ART 103 Three Dimensional Design
ART 214 Ceramics I or
ART 303 Sculpture I
ART 221 Oil Painting I or
ART 223 Watercolor I or
ART 233 Printmaking I
Art Studio Elective

Art History (6 credit hours)
ART 450 World Architecture
ART 490 Capstone: Senior Thesis in Art History

Art History Electives (24 credit hours)

Electives (29-30 credit hours)

Bachelor of Arts Art History Minor

A minor in art history includes 18 credit hours in art history courses.

Total credit hours: 18

Required Curriculum

ART 241 Ancient through Medieval Art History
ART 341 Renaissance through Rococo Art History
ART 441 19th and 20th Century Art History
ART 442 American Art History
ART 450 World of Architecture
Art History Electives (1 from the following):
ART 345 Non-western Art History
ART 350 Art of Africa
ART 443 Christianity in Art
ART 447 History of Women Artists
ART 452 Independent Studies-Special Studies in Art