Melinda Hallenbek Kostecky

The Pre-Art Therapy Concentration includes 57 semester hours in art and 15 semester hours in psychology. In addition, students must complete 50 hours of Service Learning.

Prerequisites required by the American Art Therapy (AATA) for entry into a master’s art-therapy program include:

  • At least 18 semester hours of studio art courses
  • At least 12 hours of psychology courses which must include courses in developmental psychology and abnormal psychology.

Bachelor of Arts in Art: Pre-Art Therapy Concentration

Total credit hours: 128

Required Curriculum
Core and General Education for Bachelor of Arts degree (38-39 credit hours)

Students majoring in Art can use courses marked with an asterisk (*) to fulfill both general education and major requirements.

Art Courses (21 credit hours)
ART 101* Drawing
ART 102 Design Fundamentals
ART 103 Three Dimensional Design
ART 214 Ceramics
ART 223 Watercolor
ART 302 Introduction to Art Therapy
ART 303 Sculpture

Psychology (15 credit hours)
PSY 110* General Psychology
PSY 210* Developmental Psychology
PSY 350 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 411 Personality Theories and Dynamics
PSY 470 Introduction to Counseling