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Biology & Health Sciences

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

A Bachelor of Arts or Science in Biology is the perfect degree for those interested in preparing for medical or dental school, veterinary medicine or graduate studies in various biological sciences. Biological scientists focus on the study of living organisms and their relationship with the environment.

Many Bachelor of Science in Biology graduates successfully gain entrance into master’s and doctoral level programs. Biology majors can choose a pre-professional concentration as part of their studies. The concentrations include pre-dental, pre-medicine, pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy, pre-physician assistant or pre-veterinary science.

Biology majors can also opt to minor in health and wellness. The health science courses are designed to promote the development of health, wellness, physical fitness and the complete integration of body, mind and spirit.


This program allows Lourdes biology majors to apply for the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Early Acceptance Program (EAP) in three graduate tracks: Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

The LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy and School of Dental Medicine offer an Early Acceptance Program that allows qualified Lourdes students to hold a provisional reserved seat at one of LECOM’s professional schools upon successful completion of an interview. Students can then pursue successful completion of their required undergraduate coursework at Lourdes University.

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