Denise Ford Saxon

The Lourdes University College of Business and Leadership offers the following undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Associate of Arts

A strong business curriculum with a broad liberal arts foundation contributes to long-term career success in the 21st century’s globally-competitive environment. At Lourdes University, you will learn best practices from well-respected faculty and professionals who have conducted business in 60+ countries outside the United States with a combined 230 years of real-world industry experience.

With an Associate of Arts in Business degree, you are prepared for the next step in your educational and professional career. Whether your goal is to pursue or further your career in the for-profit, not-for-profit, or government sector, you can maximize your opportunities with a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the following programs.


Bachelor of Science

Master of Business Administration


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COBAL Mission & Vision

MISSION: The College of Business and Leadership is a point of intersection for members of the academic, business, and nonprofit communities where degree and non-degree programing serves the values of learning, service, and reverence. We seek to ENGAGE current and future members of the business and nonprofit communities in integrated, personal, and values-centered educational journeys designed to enrich lives and advance career goals.

VISION: We develop knowledgeable, values-centered, globally aware graduates who will practice business as a noble profession.