Chemistry Minor Photo

Chemistry Minor

Total credit hours: 20

The Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences offers a minor in chemistry. The chemistry minor can strengthen the scientific skills and foundation of students in pre-professional programs.

In order to complete a minor in chemistry, students must:

  • Fulfill 20 credit hours of chemistry (CHM) course requirements from the list below.
  • Earn a minimum grade of C (2.0) in all courses within the chemistry minor.

Required Curriculum

Choice of 20 credit hours from the following courses:
CHM 181 General College Chemistry I
CHL 181 General College Chemistry I Lab
CHM 182 General College Chemistry II
CHL 182 General College Chemistry II Lab
CHM 301 Organic Chemistry I
CHL 301 Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHM 302 Organic Chemistry II
CHL 302 Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHM/CHL 304 Physical Chemistry
CHM 305 Basic Biochemistry
CHL 305 Basic Biochemistry Lab
CHM 306 Environmental Chemistry
CHL 306 Environmental Chemistry Lab
CHM 311 Clinical Pharmacology
CHM 320 Toxicology
CHM 420 Regulatory Protocols
CHM 499 Topics in Chemistry