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Communication and Media Studies Minor

Total credit hours: 18

Required Curriculum

Foundations Courses:
Two of the following:
BUS 235   Business Communications
COM 100  Oral Communications
COM 102  Interpersonal Communications
ENG 220   Structures of the English Language
ENG 316   Foundations of Rhetoric

Methods Courses:
Two of the following:
ENG 351   Media Writing
ENG 352   Professional Writing
DMS 300   Introduction to Digital and Media Studies

Applications Courses:
Two of the following:
ART 206  Digital Arts I
ART 216  Digital Photography
ART 306  Digital Arts II
BIO 380   Community Partner Project Internship*
ENG 354  Technology and Culture (currently an approved Topics course)
ENG 360  Writing Internship*
ENG 361 Media Writing/Production Internship
ENG 410  Studies in Film
ENG 412  Cultural Diversity and the Media
ENV 307   Sustainability Concepts and Methods
MKT 334   Advertising
MKT 435  Internet Marketing
MKT 445  Service Marketing
MKT 446  Global Marketing
PLS 340   Politics in the Media

*Internships from other academic departments may apply on recommendation of English Department chair.