Craft Beverages student working in brewery

The Full-Bodied Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Craft Beverages

Master the art, science and business of winemaking, brewing and distilling

Built on a foundation of scientific thinking and a focus in business, marketing, and entrepreneurial principles, the Craft Beverages program offers a multi-disciplinary degree intended to provide students the knowledge and practical skills for success in the craft beverage industry. The program will instill an understanding of legal, ethical, social, and historical aspects of alcohol consumption and a respect for individual and community health. Through classroom and internship experiences, students will learn to apply creativity and scientific knowledge to become well-rounded and responsible practitioners in the craft beverage industry.

Individuals can choose to pursue one of the following Craft Beverages programs.

  • Bachelor of Science in Craft Beverages degree
  • Minor in Craft Beverages
  • Craft Beverages Certificate

Lourdes University students can complete a brewing degree with this program in four years and gain hands-on professional experience through national and international brewery and vineyard internships. Inside the classroom, students will appreciate the extensive courses on the artisanship, science, sustainability and business operation of the craft beverages industry.

In line with the University’s Franciscan values, the curriculum instills in students and future craft beverage professionals the importance of a respectful approach to the industry in regards to responsible drinking.

Meet Craft Beverage Graduate Nathaniel VonSeggernPhoto of Craft Beverages major Nathaniel Von Seggern

Meet the Director, Dr. Chris Paumi

Dr. Chris Paumi is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Craft Beverage. He injects a wealth of experience and an infectious passion for brewing into the program. Dr. Paumi’s academic journey began with a 1998 Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Chemistry from Gettysburg College, followed by a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Wake Forest University, which he completed in 2003.

Having served as an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky from 2008 to 2015, contributing to leukemia and lymphoma research, Dr. Paumi transitioned to the chemistry department, teaching pre-health courses and brewing science. His brewing venture, Fusion Brewing, launched in 2018, and remained open until 2022.

Joining Samuel Adams in 2022 as a Brewing Supervisor, Dr. Paumi oversaw the organization and operation of entire shifts. Seeking a new challenge, he transitioned to Lourdes University in 2023 to be closer to family and positively impact the Craft Beverage program.

Dr. Paumi aims to collaborate with the community by raising awareness and fostering relationships. Recognizing the importance of preserving traditions while injecting originality, he envisions a dynamic Craft Beverage program. Dr. Paumi is not just brewing beverages; he’s crafting success, community engagement, and a future filled with possibilities. Students and enthusiasts can anticipate a program seamlessly blending tradition with innovation under his expert guidance.