Digital and Media Studies students working at the WGTE Studio

Complete real-world digital and media studies projects for companies and organizations. The Bachelor of Arts Digital & Media Studies program allows students to develop expertise in an area they are interested in while mastering technology skills.

The flexible curriculum is customized to each student’s interests. Throughout the program, DMS majors choose their specialization, take self-paced online coding paths and methods courses, complete an internship, gain hands-on real world experience, and prepare a professional portfolio that represents their work.

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Digital And Media Studies Defined

As a DMS major, you will:

  • study the relationship between technology and culture
  • develop communication skills to mediate between technology experts and non-experts
  • preserve and organize information in digital formats so information becomes useful knowledge, and
  • analyze the world of text and image, past and present, with new digital methods and tools.

21st Century Job Opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital & Media Studies prepares graduates to pursue 21st century jobs

  • web content developer
  • digital media designer
  • social media marketer
  • technical writer
  • SEO content specialist
  • digital humanities faculty
  • immersive technologies librarian
  • digital assets librarian
  • instructional designer
  • digital archivist

“Growing Up in Toledo” Exhibit

Learn more about this collaboration with Lourdes DMS students and the Toledo Lucas County Public Library