Veronica Lark

Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts

For those who believe in the power of the spoken work and the pen, the Bachelor of Arts in English program is ideal. As an English major, you will conduct in-depth investigations of language, rhetoric, literature and the ways in which these fields of inquiry enter into dialogue with one another.

Lourdes University English faculty guide students in the development of a broad range of critical methods to help them become independent thinkers rooted in the humanistic tradition. As an English major, you will engage in critical reading, analysis and synthesis of texts from a wide variety of historical and cultural contexts. Through theoretical and practical knowledge, you will become a more active, productive, informed citizen who capably evaluates and argues in a language-based culture.

English majors often serve as contributors of The Vitruvian, the university’s student online news journal; and The Tau Literary and Visual Arts Journal. Many also become members of the Literati student organization. Students who excel in the major may be invited to join Lourdes’ chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta International Honors society. Learn about the Communication and Media Studies minor.

Lourdes graduates have successfully gained entrance into graduate school. Many have secured positions in a variety of professions including public relations, marketing, in-house publications, copywriting, editing, media, speechwriting and technical writing.

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Ohio Consortium for Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts

Lourdes University is a member of the Ohio Consortium for Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts and offers a clear, consistent pathway in English for community college students transferring to Lourdes University. For more information about transferring to Lourdes University, visit

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