2018 Beggs Civil War


  • History majors will master a solid foundation in American, European, and World History, learn and practice the historical method in their coursework at all levels, and master the skills necessary to prepare them for graduate school and/or careers in history and related fields.

Department of History, Political Science and Geography Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and analyze the main events, persons, institutions, trends, cultural influences and developments in American, History, European History and World History.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of historiographic perspectives.
  • Effectively identify & analyze primary sources.
  • Effectively identify & analyze secondary sources.
  • Craft & defend a coherent historical argument with adequate supporting details in written form, utilizing the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Speak cogently about a historical topic in front of a group.
  • Write a significant research paper that meets the standards of the profession and contributes to historical scholarship.