A minor in music is the perfect complement to students majoring in any liberal arts area. The Department of Music shares in Lourdes University’s mission to offer artistic enrichment for the student as a whole and unique person.

The Lourdes music minor provides opportunities for learning the theory and technique of creating and appreciating music, broadens musical taste and experience and develops skills and criteria needed to evaluate music and musical performance.

Many students interested in music may obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Individualized Studies with a concentration in music or a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in music. Lourdes students may also join the Guitar Ensemble which performs at various campus events.

Chorale and Pep Band

Students can audition for the Lourdes University Chorale. Performance opportunities include two formal concerts per semester, various holidays and special university events. Students can also apply for one of the competitive Chorale Music Scholarships. These scholarships are open to talented students regardless of their major.

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