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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or Theological Studies: Pre-Pastoral Counseling Concentration

Total credit hours: 128

Required Curriculum

Core and General Education for Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or Theological Studies degree (45 credit hours)

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill both general education and major requirements.

The College of Arts and Sciences requires an additional 12 credits in General Education from the disciplines within the college for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Choose one:
THS 125* Foundations of Theology
THS 220* Introduction to the Old Testament
THS 221  Introduction to the New Testament
THS 232  Theology of Marriage
THS 233  Suffering, Healing and Dying
THS 265* Christian Ethics
THS 373  Introduction to Christian Spirituality
THS 435  Peace, Justice and Forgiveness
THS Elective One upper-level course (300-400 level)

PSY 110* General Psychology
PSY 105  Pre-Prof. Seminar for the Social Sciences
PSY 210  Developmental Psychology
PSY 310  Psychology of Human Learning
PSY 350  Abnormal Psychology
PSY 411  Personality Theories and Dynamics
PSY 470  Introduction to Counseling
Two of the following:
PSY 315  Child Psychology and/or
PSY 319  Adolescent Psychology and/or
PSY 320  Adult Development and Aging
MTH 212 Statistics