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Corporate, non-profit and government agency success is dependent on a well-run enterprise. To achieve that goal and achieve optimal profit margins, the institution must be effective and efficient, engage with customers and deliver excellent service while also being a responsible citizen.

Lourdes graduates of the College of Business & Leadership are ethics-driven professionals who are successful accountants, marketers, administrators and leaders in a variety of sectors including automotive, healthcare, energy, social service and education.

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Self-Paced Online Business Administration (BS) Degree

Lourdes University offers a self-paced online Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Learn more.


COBAL Mission & Vision

MISSION: The College of Business and Leadership is a point of intersection for members of the academic, business, and nonprofit communities where degree and non-degree programing serves the values of learning, service, and reverence. We seek to ENGAGE current and future members of the business and nonprofit communities in integrated, personal, and values-centered educational journeys designed to enrich lives and advance career goals.

VISION: We develop knowledgeable, values-centered, globally aware graduates who will practice business as a noble profession.