Message from the Director

Laura OttIn the College of Business and Leadership (COBAL) at Lourdes University, advising involves more than scheduling classes. The Advisor/Student relationship is an essential component of your academic experience. COBAL faculty and professional advisors work together to provide guidance in reaching your educational and career goals.

Not only will you meet with your advisor each semester to map out your course and future plan of study, your advisor will also mentor you, help you connect with industry leaders, explore majors, and provide professional career advice throughout your time at Lourdes University. Your academic advisor is your liaison to the rest of the University and can help you steer through the ins and outs of college and all the resources that Lourdes University has to offer, including tutoring, academic coaching, financial aid, Student Life activities, educational opportunities, and career and personal counseling services. Academic advisors are knowledgeable about university and college policies such as add/ drop dates, withdraw dates, core and major requirements, grades, GPA, and graduation requirements.

As a Lourdes Alumna, and a first-generation college student, I am grateful for the guidance, and support I received from my Lourdes academic advisor. They provided me with the knowledge and confidence to succeed and I would like all of the College of Business and Leadership students to have that same consistent experience with me as their academic advisor as they navigate through a holistic educational journey.

I look forward to meeting you!

Laura Ott, M.O.L.
Director of COBAL Advising, Assessment & Recruitment

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