Student Teaching Abroad

If you are independent with a keen desire to experience different cultures, lifestyles, religions and ethnic backgrounds, completing your student teaching experience (EDE/M/A 450) in Brazil might be for you!

Located in Southern Brazil, the Pan American School (PAS) of Porto Alegre, founded in 1966, is an accredited, co-educational, non-denominational, K-12, college-preparatory school. The majority of the student population is Brazilian. Although the native language is Portuguese, English is the language of instruction.

Up to four teacher candidates will be selected to participate in the international student teaching experience each semester. The experience would be for approximately 10 weeks due to visa guidelines. (5 weeks of your student teaching experience would be in a local school).  Selection will be based upon a completed application, GPA, recommendations by EDU faculty and an interview with the selection committee.

In addition to regularly paid Lourdes University tuition, students registering for the International EDE/EDM/EDE 450 Student Teaching would also be financially responsible for (but not limited to):

  • Round trip airfare and airport transportation to Porto Alegre, Brazil (Approx. $2000)
  • Housing utility stipend ($100 per month) (PAS faculty, staff or family will provide housing-this utility stipend would assist with extra costs associated with your housing)
  • Passport ($100) and Brazilian Visa ($200)
  • International Insurance (Approx. $50 per month=$150)
  • Living Expenses, i.e. food, transportation, and fun (excursions, activities, special events)

Student Teaching Abroad Resources

For more information contact:

Amanda Gilbert
Coordinator of Clinical and Field Experiences
Department of Education
(419) 517-8940

Education student in Brazil

Middle childhood education major Constantina Sklavos completed a portion of her student teaching fall 2016 semester at the Pan American School in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The partnership between Lourdes University and the Panamerican School promotes professional development of teacher candidates, faculty and educators.

Constantina Sklavos in Brazil