Schoolteacher Reading Aloud To Her Young Students

Photo of Jenalee Hinds

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Preschool, kindergarten and elementary teachers work with young children from ages three through eleven, grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade. Preschool teachers develop routines and curriculum that teach students basic skills and encourage them to explore interests, develop skills and learn about the world. Kindergarten and elementary educators teach students in several subjects including math, science and reading. These dedicated teachers are integral in students’ ability to learn and apply importance concepts in preparation for middle school.

The Lourdes Dual Elementary Education Program with Dual Licensure in Special Education Pre K-5 is an excellent choice. Graduates are prepared to begin their careers as preschool, kindergarten and elementary teachers. They also have earned the special education licensure. Licensed Pre K-5 intervention specialists are caring professionals who work with their students in a classroom, and in group and one-on-one situations. In that role, they assess students’ skills, determine educational needs, develop individualized education programs, plan activities specific to each student’s abilities, assess students’ performance and track their progress.

Graduates of the Dual Elementary Education Program with a Dual Licensure Pre K-5 are prepared to work as preschool, kindergarten and primary educators in public and private schools. In the next decade (2019-2029), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for preschool teachers to grow two percent, while kindergarten and primary education employment will grow four percent, and intervention specialists employment will increase by three percent.

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