Photo of Educator Working With Middle Schoolers In Classroom

Bachelor of Arts

The middle childhood period (age nine to 14 and grade four to nine) lays the foundation to help students become good citizens and lifelong learners as well as healthy, caring, ethical and intellectually reflective individuals. Therefore, the Lourdes University Department of Education has designed the Bachelor of Arts in Middle Childhood Education program to be developmentally responsive to the diverse and unique needs of young learners.

As a middle childhood education major, you can choose to specialize in two of the following concentrations:

  • Mathematics
  • Language arts
  • Social studies
  • Science

Teachers of middle childhood need specific training in facilitating the growth and development of the whole child in the domains of physical, cognitive, language, creative, social and affective development. Integrated into the Lourdes teacher preparatory methodology are conceptual fundamentals of child development theory, curriculum, development, knowledge of environmental designs, classroom management, multicultural education, instructional technology, assessment and various effective teaching practices. All of these practices are developmentally appropriate for the young adolescents and professionals you will work with.

Lourdes alumni have gone on to secure successful teaching positions in several diocesan, public and charter schools throughout the United States.

Middle childhood education majors may also wish to enroll in the Middle Childhood Generalist (4-6) Endorsement and Elementary Religion Teacher Certificate programs.

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