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Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Total credit hours: 120

Required Curriculum

All BS in Public Health majors must complete Lourdes University Core requirements with the following specifications to fulfill both Core and Major Course Requirements:

These courses are marked with an asterisk (*). They are not double-counted towards the total credit hour requirement of the program.

Core Course Requirements (46)

Major Core Courses (19)

2nd English
*Eng 355 Writing for Sciences and Health Professions

*MTH 212  Statistics

*SWK/CSJ 306 Ethical Decision Making

*HST 290  History of Health Care

Natural Science
*CHM 140/ CHL 140 General Organic & Biological Chemistry and Lab

Social Science
*PSY 110 General Psychology

Remaining Core Requirements (27)

Program Major Requirements (31)

BOI 201 Principles of Biology I & BIL 201 Principles of Biology Lab I Z
BIO 207 Introduction to Public Health or PHM 100 The History of Public Health (RIZE)
BIO 212 Nutrition
BIO 420 Epidemiology or PHM 300 Epideminology (RIZE)
CSJ 327 Research Methods
PHM 301  Health Economics (RIZE)
PHM 302 Health Services (RIZE)
PHM 400 Public Health Studies I  (RIZE)
PHM 401 Public Health Studies II (RIZE)
PHM 490 Internship Capstone

Major Social Science  Requirements (24)

BUS 101 Business Principles
BUS 251 Economics and Social Issues
BUS 255 Microeconomics
CSJ 101 Intro to Sociology
CSJ 304  Multicultural Diversity  or SWK 209  Multicultural Perspectives
PSY 350 Abnormal Psychology
SWK 210 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SWK 310    Human Behavior and the Social Environment  II
SWK 312 Social Welfare System

Total Program Elective Hours (19)