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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Total credit hours: 120

Based on 2022-23 curriculum required

Students majoring in Social Work are required to take the standard courses for the Bachelor of Arts degree with the following specifications:

LUC 101 College Connection SWK 205 Pre-Prof. Seminar
SWK 111 Intro to SWK HST Gen. Ed. requ.
BIO 204, 207, 212, 215; or 319 PSY 110 Intro to Psychology
ENG 101 Comp I ENG 200 Intro to Lit
CSJ 101 Intro to Sociology COM 100 or 101
Total: 15 credit hours Total: 15 credit hours
SWK 209 Multi-Cultural Persp. PLS 122 American Government
ENG 352 Prof. Writing Elective
THS Theology el. THS Theology el.
*BUS 251 Economic/Social Iss. MTH 212 Statistics
LUC 201 Concept Conn. LUC 202 Comm. Conn.
Total: 16 credit hours Total: 16 credit hours
SWK 311 Process I SWK 312 Social Welfare Sys.
SWK/PSY/CSJ Elective SWK 412 Social Welfare Policy
Enduring Question Course SWK 411 Process II
PHIL Gen. Ed requ. CSJ 327 Research Methods
ART, MUS or THR Gen. Ed requ. SWK/CSJ 360 Ethical Decision Making
Total: 15 credit hours Total: 15 credit hours
SWK  418 Process III SWK/PSY/CSJ Elective
SWK  490 Field Placement I SWK  491 Field Placement II
SWK 492 Field Seminar I SWK 493 Field Seminar II
SWK/PSY/CSJ Elective Electives (4 total)
Total: 15 credit hours Total: 13 credit hours

* BUS 251 offered every even year only.

Minor in Social Work

Total Credits: 18

SWK 111 Introduction to Social Work

SWK 210 or SWK 310 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I or II

SWK 209 Multi-Cultural Perspectives

SWK 311 Process I

SWK 312 Social Welfare Policy

SWK/PSY/CSJ elective


Social Work majors must complete a total of 9 credit hours of electives in Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice, or Sociology.

* A prerequisite of MTH 212/Statistics is MTH 098 Basic Algebra or equivalent placement test score.

Please note: This schedule is subject to change based on course offering and curriculum developments. Students must meet with an Academic Advisor for assistance and additional information.  LUC requirements may be extended throughout the degree plan but will not impact the total number of credits within this degree plan.