Professor holding hops from a bag

Bachelor of Science in Craft Beverages

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students will:

  1. understand the biological and chemical bases of brewing, distilling and wine making processes and apply scientific methods to their practice. (ULO I.C., II. D.)
  2. think entrepreneurially, using skills of marketing and management of facilities and people, with emphasis on safe service training. (ULO II.E., V.B.))
  3. practice innovation and creativity in customizing brands of craft beer, wine and spirits.
  4. apply sensory evaluation and aesthetic appreciation, culinary and nutritional understanding, and high standards of safety to their craft. (ULO V.A.)
  5. communicate well professionally and inter-personally (ULO II.F.)
  6. understand legal and ethical implications of working with alcoholic beverages, with a particular focus on local regulations and social standards/values (ULO IV.A.) function well within the international business atmosphere of brewing, distilling, and winemaking (ULO V.D.)

Mission – Bachelor of Science in Craft Beverage Program
Built on a foundation of scientific thinking and a focus in business, marketing, and entrepreneurial principles, the Craft Beverages program offers a multi-disciplinary degree intended to provide students the knowledge and practical skills for success in the craft beverage industry. The program will instill an understanding of legal, ethical, social, and historical aspects of alcohol consumption and a respect for individual and community health. Through classroom and internship experiences, students will learn to apply creativity and scientific knowledge to become well-rounded and responsible practitioners in the craft beverage industry.