Media student with tutor working in well equipped film editing class


Core and General Education for Bachelor of Arts degree (56-57 credit hours)

Choose your Specialization

  • Marketing (21 credits)
  • English (18 credits)
  • History (21 credits)
  • Theological Studies (18 credits)
  • Art History (18 credits)
  • Art (24 credits)
  • Philosophy (21 credits)

Take the intro class (3 credits)
ENG 353 Introduction to Digital & Media Studies

Choose 3 methods courses
ENG 351 Media Writing
ENG 352 Professional Writing
ENG 354 Technology and Culture
ENG 356 Critical Discourse Analysis

Choose your code path (6-9 credits or equivalent self-paced online modules)
ENG 380 Beginning Coding
ENG 381 Intermediate Coding
ENG 382 Advanced Coding

Sample Options of Specific Tagged & Programming Languages
Markup Languages

  • HTML + CSS (web coding and design)
  • TEI (semantic text coding for archiving and corpus analysis)
  • XML (dynamic web coding)

Programming Language
• JavaScript (web interactivity/app development)
• Objective C (app development)
• PHP (app development, database integration)
• Python (app development)

Choose your internship (3 credits)
ENG 360 Writing Internship
ENG 361 Media Internship

Capstone & Professional Portfolio (3 credits)
Create a project using your skills and generate a portfolio for employers/graduate admissions to showcase your work in your chosen profession.

Self-Paced Online Modules
Students can choose which languages and the level of depth of their study and must achieve at least intermediate competency in a markup language and beginning competency in a programming language. There is no pre-requisite before beginning the coding modules but students must meet a proficiency benchmark before their internship and must complete the modules before registering for their capstone.