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Bachelor of Science in Adolescence to Young Adult Education

Total credit hours: 120

The Adolescence to Young Adult Program prepares teachers to work with learners from ages twelve through twenty-one and grades seven through twelve in one of the following teaching fields:

  • Life Sciences
  • Integrated Mathematics
  • Integrated Language Arts
  • Integrated Social Studies
  • Integrated Science

The exact number of credit hours needed for graduation is dependent upon the teaching field selected. In some fields students may be able to obtain a dual major.

Adolescence to Young Adult Education students declaring an English concentration are expected to fulfill a portfolio requirement.

Required Curriculum

Core Course Requirements

Lourdes University Connections (3 credit hours)     
LUC 101 College Connections
LUC 102 Career Connections – Fulfilled by EDU 100
LUC 201 Concept Connections – Fullfilled by EDU 216
LUC 202 Communication Connections Fullfilled by EDU 251

English  (6 credit hours) 
ENG 101 Composition I: Essay Writing
ENG 313

Mathematics (3 credit hours)
MTH 114 or any MTH course above MTH 114

Ethics  (3 credit hours)
Education students meet the Core Curriculum Requirement for Ethics through an integrated approach of studying ethics for educators in five courses (EDU 100, EDU 230, EDU216, EDU 317/319. EDU 329).

Enduring Question Seminar   (2-3 credit hours)  

Capstone in the major  (12 credit hours)
EDA 490 Capstone: Adolescent & Young Adult Student Teaching

Service Learning   (20 hours)

Cultural Diversity course or experience (3 credit hours)  
EDU 216 Multicultural & Social Issues in Education

General Education

History (3 credit hours)
Any HST course

Literature  (3 credit hours)
Select One
ENG 200 Introduction to Literature
ENG 211  Postcolonial Literature
ENG 212  Gender and Literature
ENG 213  Multiethnic U.S. Literature
ENG 214  Ecology and literature

Philosophy   (3 credit hours)     
Any PHL course

Theology     (6 credit hours)
First course – one of the following:
THS 125  Foundation of Theology
THS 218  Celebrating the Sacraments
THS 220  Introduction to the Old Testament
THS 221  Introduction to the New Testament
THS 235  Survey of Catholic Belief
THS 265  Christian Ethics
THS 312  Jesus, the Christ
THS 316  The Shape and Mission of the Church
Second course – Any Theology course (Note that if THS 101 was taken as a first course, THS 105 cannot be taken to fulfill the second course requirement.)

Art/Music  (3 credit hours)
Any approved Art or Music course

Natural Science   (3-4 credit hours)
Any approved Natural Science course

* Field experience required
** Clinical experience required

Social Science  (3 credit hours)
EDU 250** Educational Psychology

Professional Education Foundational Courses
EDU 100   Foundations of Education
EDU 101   Foundations of Education Bridge Course
EDU 151   Technology in Learning
EDU 251   Technology & Pedagogy for Learning
EDU 216   Multicultural and Social Issues in Education
EDU 351   Technology, Pedagogy & Content Knowledge for Learning
EDU 230** Survey of Special Needs Education
EDU 250** Educational Psychology and Human Development
EDU 319    Classroom Management for Middle Childhood and Adolescence to Young Adult
EDU 329    Differentiated Instruction & Assessment

Adolescence to Young Adult Strand Courses
EDA 235** Curriculum and Instruction for Adolescents and Young Adults
EDA 250*  General Teaching Methods and Field Experience I
EDU 221   Content Area Reading and Writing
EDA 351-354* Concentration Area – Methods and Field Experience II
EDA 490 Capstone: Adolescent & Young Adult Student Teaching

Reading Core (3 credit hours) 
EDU 221 Content Area Reading

Content SpecializationCredit hours will differ based on the area of specialization.

Integrated Language Arts
EDU 220  Prerequisite or Co-requisite: EDE 235 or EDM 235 or EDA 235
ENG 101  Comp 1: Essay Writing
ENG 200  Introduction to Literature
ENG 220  Structures of the English Language
ENG 313
ENG 316  Foundations of Rhetoric
ENG 390  Approaches to Criticism
ENG 405  Shakespeare
ENG 490  Capstone: Senior Research Project

Select One
ENG 211 Postcolonial Literature
ENG 212 Gender and Literature
ENG 213 Multicultural U.S. Literature
ENG 214 Ecology and Literature

Select Three
ENG 300 Foundations of Western Literature
ENG 301 English Lit I
ENG 302 English Lit II
ENG 303 American Lit I
ENG 304 American Lit II
ENG 315 Non-Western Literature

Select Two
ENG 401 Studies in Fiction
ENG 402 Studies in Drama
ENG 403 Studies in Poetry
ENG 410 Studies in Film
ENG 411 Single Author Study
ENG 440 Studies in Rhetoric

Integrated Mathematics
MTH 116  Math Pedagogy for EDM &AYA
MTH 122  College Algebra
MTH 130  Elementary Analysis
MTH 135  Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1
MTH 136  Analytical Geometry & Calculus 11
MTH 204  Geometry
MTH 212  Statistics
MTH 215  Linear Algebra
MTH 235  Calculus III
MTH 242  Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
MTH 256  Discrete Mathematics
MTH 301  Abstract Algebra
MTH 305  Differential Equations
MTH 490  Capstone: History of Mathematics

Integrated Social Studies
HST 301  Ancient History
HST 302  Medieval & Renaissance Europe
HST 303  Modern Europe
HST 307  The American Revolution and the Early Republic
HST 308  Civil War and Reconstruction
HST 309  United States in the 20th Century
GEO 250  World Cultural Geography
GEO 260  World Regional Geography
PLS 122    American National Government
PLS 201    Modern Political Thought
BUS 254   Macroeconomics
BUS 255   Microeconomics
HST 490   Capstone: Historical Methods

Select Three
HST 411  History of Latin America
HST 413  History of the Middle East
HST 416  History of the Far East
HST 419  History of Africa

Life Sciences
Biology/Life Science
BIO 201/BIL201   Principles of Biology I/Lab
BIO202/BIL 202   Principles of Biology II/Lab
BIO 204               Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 215               Basic Ecology
BIO 307/BIL 307  Cell Biology/Lab
BIO 308/BIL 308  Genetics/Lab
BIO 335/BIL 335  General Microbiology/Lab
BIO 402                Introduction to Research
BIO 490                Biology Seminar

Select One
BIO 306/BIL 306   Vertebrate Zoology/Lab or
BIO 311/BIL 311    Invertebrate Zoology/Lab

Chemistry/Physical/Earth Science
CHM 140/CHL 140  General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry/Lab
PHS 112                  Introduction to Earth Science
PHS 113                  Principles of Physical Science
SCI 370                   Integrated Science for Teachers

Select One
PHS 111  Introduction to Astronomy
PHS 114  Introduction to Geology


Integrated Sciences

Biology/Life Science
BIO 201/BIL201     Principles of Biology I/Lab
BIO202/BIL 202     Principles of Biology II/Lab
BIO 204                 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 307/BIL 307    Cell Biology/Lab
BIO 308/BIL 308    Genetics/Lab
BIO 335/BIL 335    General Microbiology/Lab

CHM 181/CHL 181   General College Chemistry I/Lab
CHM 182/CHL 182   General College Chemistry II/Lab
CHM 301/CHL 301   Organic Chemistry I/Lab
CHM 302/CHL 302   Organic Chemistry II/Lab
CHM 306/CHL 306   Environmental Chemistry/Lab

PHS 111                   Introduction to Astronomy
PHS/PLA 201/301   College Physics I / Lab
PHS/PLA 202/302/  College Physics II/Lab

Physical Science
PHS 114   An Introduction to Astronomy
PHS 112   An Introduction to Earth Science
BIO 317   Principles of Ecology