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Bachelor of Science in Biology: Environmental Biology Concentration

Total credit hours: 128

Required Curriculum

Core and General Education Requirements (39 credit hours)

Students majoring in biology can take the following courses marked with an asterisk (*) to fulfill both general education and major requirements.

Major Requirements (27 credit hours)
BIO 201* Principles of Biology I
BIL 201*  Principles of Biology I Lab
BIO 202  Principles of Biology II
BIL 202   Principles of Biology II Lab
BIO 307  Cell Biology
BIL 307   Cell Biology Lab
BIO 308  Genetics
BIL 308   Genetics Lab
BIO 317  Principles of Ecology
BIO 335  General Microbiology
BIL 335   General Microbiology Lab
BIO 402  Introduction to Research
BIO 490  Senior Biology Seminar

Allied Requirements (33 credit hours)
CHM 181* General College Chemistry I
CHL 181*  General College Chemistry I Lab
CHM 182* General College Chemistry II
CHL 182*  General College Chemistry II Lab
CHM 301   Organic Chemistry I
CHL 301    Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHM 302   Organic Chemistry II
CHL 302    Organic Chemistry II Lab
PHS 201   College Physics I
PLA 201    College Physics I Lab
PHS 202   College Physics II
PLA 202    College Physics II Lab
MTH 212   Statistics
MTH 135   Analytical Geometry & Calculus I

Environmental Biology Concentration
PHS 112 Earth Science
ENV 202 Society, Environment & Sustainability
BIO 216  Seasonal Field Ecology
ENV 412 Environmental Statutes and Regulations
ONE of the following courses with lab
BIO 311  Invertebrate Zoology
BIL 311   Invertebrate Zoology Lab
BIO 401  Parasitology
BIL 401  Parasitology Lab