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The Undergraduate Core Curriculum and General Degree Requirements information provided is from the Lourdes University Academic Catalog. Lourdes students should consult the academic catalog for the year they started their program. 


The degrees listed below can be earned within the four colleges at Lourdes University. Each college is home to various departments where students can choose the specific degree they will pursue while attending Lourdes University. The four colleges are The College of Arts and Sciences, The College of Business and Leadership, The College of Nursing, and the College of Social Sciences.

B.A. Bachelor of Arts

B.S. Bachelor of Science

B.S.N. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

A.A. Associate of Arts

General Degree Requirements

The A.A., B.A., B.S. and B.S.N. degrees require a minimum G.P.A. in the major/concentration. See the specific department descriptions for minimum G.P.A. details.

Students who do not register for a class at Lourdes University in a two-year period will be required to meet the General Education/Degree Requirements in effect at the time of their return. Students who change degree programs (e.g. from B.S. to B.A.) will be required to meet the General Education/Degree Requirements in effect at the time they declare their change of program.

Students may only complete a maximum of 49% of their degree requirements through online coursework.

The curriculum is organized into four levels. Courses numbered on the 100 level are planned primarily for first-year students, and those on the 200 level are generally for second-year students. Courses at the 300 and 400 levels provide depth in a field of study. If a course does not have prerequisites, qualified students who have obtained the appropriate approval may take it.

Lourdes University Core Curriculum

Diagram with colors describing the components of the Lourdes Core

The Curriculum helps students achieve the Lourdes University Mission and Learning Outcomes through coursework and experiences. A total university experience is required to wholly realize the Lourdes University Learning Outcomes. No one course or experience will fully realize any learning outcome. However, the Lourdes Core is intended to be the heart of the Lourdes educational journey. It provides the framework upon which to build the rest of the University experience. It provides an introduction to the essential skills and knowledge of liberal learning and social justice as well as the process by which to integrate them (Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4 and 5). Knowledge critical to integrating liberal thought into any chosen major is provided in the Lourdes Core. Content and experiences gained through study in a major complete the University experience, giving it a distinctive form and substance.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements