Core Curriculum Photo

The Core, being central to the Lourdes University experience, provides knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for liberal learning and success in a chosen major. It includes Lourdes Connections courses, instruction for competencies in college-level writing and mathematics as well as systematic approaches to ethical reasoning. The Core also offers experiences to foster a disposition to service and an appreciation of cultural differences.

As students achieve third- or fourth-year status, they are assisted in integrating their liberal learning through an Enduring Questions Course. A capstone in the student’s major completes the Core through integration of liberal learning and discipline specific content.

All students graduating from Lourdes University with a bachelor degree will take as their core curriculum:

LUC Series, 101, 102, 201, 202

ENG 101 Composition I: Essay Writing

ENG 102 Composition II: Research & Writing

Math (MTH 110 or Higher)

Ethics (choose from the list below)

BUS/PHL 430 Business Ethics
PHL 103 Introduction to Ethics
PHL 202 Ethics for the Health Professional
PHL 310 Bio Ethics
SOC 324  Ethics and Criminal Justice
THS 233 Suffering, Healing & Dying
THS 265 Christian Ethics
THS 435 Peace, Justice & Forgiveness
SWK 360 Ethical Decision-making

Ethics for Educators series/five courses:
EDU 100 or 101
EDU 230
EDU 216
EDU 317 or 319
EDU 329

Enduring Questions Seminar 399*

Capstone in the Major

Service Learning totaling 20 clock hours**

Cultural Diversity Experience or Course***

*Enduring Questions Seminar: This provides a capstone experience for one’s general education studies at Lourdes University. Built around a selected enduring human question (e.g., What is love? What is justice and what does it require of us? Does the economy exist to serve human beings or do human beings exist to serve the economy?) the course draws upon as many disciplines as possible. The experience encourages students to think in interdisciplinary terms, finding the richness that comes from framing important questions in a variety of ways.

**Service Learning is achieved by participating in an approved service learning activity that may or may not be associated with a course. The Lourdes University Office of Service Learning approves all service learning activities. The student must participate in 20 hours of approved service learning as part of a baccalaureate degree requirement. If a student wishes to have an experience count as service learning approval must be received from the Office of Service Learning prior to participating in the activity. (Note: Individual programs may have an additional Service Learning requirement.) For more information about what Service Learning at Lourdes means.

***Cultural Diversity Experience or Course: All students must successfully complete a cultural diversity course or experience as part of their baccalaureate degree requirement. Courses that meet this requirement are approved by the University and designated as such. Experiential learning, such as study abroad may meet the cultural diversity requirement, but needs to be approved by the University prior to the student participating in the experience.

Currently approved courses include the following:

BUS 320 International Business
EDU 216 Multicultural & Social Issues in Education
ENG 211 Postcolonial Literature
ENG 212 Gender and Literature
ENG 213 Multi-ethnic U.S. Literature
ENG 315 Studies in Non-Western Literature
GEO 250 World Cultural Geography
GEO 260 World Regional Geography
MUS 201 Music in Culture
NUR 260 Population Focused Nursing
NUR 475 Concepts in Population Focused Nursing/NUR 476 Applied Concepts in Population Focused Nursing
SOC 304 Multicultural Diversity
SWK 209 Multicultural Perspectives
THS 105 World Religions
THS 244 Great Religions of the East
THS 246 Great Religions of the West