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Distinguished History Lecture featured Dr. Adam Hodge

Environment and Culture: Insights from Wind River Shoshone History
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Ecology and Ethnogenesis: An Environmental History of the Wind River Shoshones, 1000-1868

Published by University of Nebraska Press as part of the New Visions in Native American and Indigenous Studies Series, Dr. Hodge’s book is a major contribution to environmental history, ethnohistory, and Native American history. It explores the origins of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe based on interdisciplinary research in history, archaeology, anthropology, and natural sciences and emphasizes the forces – such as climate change, disease epidemics, and the horse revolution – that shaped the Shoshone communities that Lewis and Clark and others met during the early nineteenth century.

Presenting an impressive narrative of Eastern Shoshone history, Dr. Hodge analyzes the major developments that influenced Shoshone culture and identity, including the resources that they used, women’s contributions to and roles in Shoshone society, and how they interacted with other peoples. Geographically spanning the Great Basin, Rocky Mountain, Columbia Plateau and Great Plains regions, Ecology and Ethnogenesis explores the evolving relationships between the ancestors of the Eastern Shoshones and the lands that they inhabited prior to the reservation era. In examining that history, Dr. Hodge treats Shoshones, other Native peoples, and Euroamericans as active parts of their ecosystems. The story of the Eastern Shoshones over eight hundred years is an epic story of ecological transformation, human agency, and cultural adaptation.

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Past Lectures

Each year, the Department of History, Political Science and Geography presents the annual Distinguished History Lecture Series featuring learned experts in the fields of American, European or World history.

Past lecturers have included:

  • Dr. Adam Hodge – Environment and Culture: Insights from Wind River Shoshone History
  • Alan D. Gaff – From Disaster to Victory: Generals St. Clair and Wayne in the Old Northwest
  • Dr. Luke A. Nichter  – A Decade with the Nixon Tapes: What We’ve Learned and What We Have Yet to Learn
  • Dr. Margaret McGuinness – Women’s Religious Orders in the United States
  • Dr. Joyce Appleby – Coming to Terms with Thomas Jefferson
  • Dr. Susan O’Donovan – Runaways, Ladies Maids and Servants on the Move: African Americans and the Coming of the Civil War
  • Dr. Robert V. Remini – Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal
  • Dr. Mary Beth Norton – The Salem Witchcraft Trials
  • Jamie Oxendine and Dr. Larry Nelson – The War of 1812 in Northwest Ohio
  • Dr. William T. Allison – My Lai: An American Atrocity During the Vietnam War
  • Dr. Leonne M. Hudson – The Reaction of Black Americans to Lincoln’s Death
  • D. Scott Hartwig – The Maryland Campaign at Antietem Creek
  • Dr. Rosalie G. Riegle – Crossing Lines and Doing Time: Nonviolent Resisters Speak Out For Peace
  • Dr. Margaret McGuinness – The Important Contributions of Women’s Religious Orders in the United States