Todd Williams

Bachelor of Arts or Science: Pre-Law Concentration

β€œThe American Bar Association does not recommend any particular group of undergraduate majors or courses that should be taken by those wishing to prepare for legal education; developing such a list is neither possible nor desirable. The law is too multifaceted, and the human mind too adaptable, to permit such a linear approach to preparing for law school or the practice of law. Nevertheless, there are important skills and values, and significant bodies of knowledge, that can be acquired prior to law school and that will provide a sound foundation for a sophisticated legal education.” (Original Pre-Law Committee for the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar)

Following the above statement, Lourdes University does not require any specific courses for the pre-law program beyond those required for the Core Curriculum or General Education. At the same time, Pre-Law advisor and other on campus with expertise in the legal profession have developed a list of five key skills that will prepare student for law school and a career in the legal profession. The courses listed next to the key skills will provide students with a solid foundation in these skills. It is not necessary to take every course listed in each category, but in order to receive the official designation of Pre-Law Concentration, a student must take at least two from each category.

Communication Skills
ART 490 Capstone: Senior Thesis in Art History
BUS 490 Capstone: Business Policy
ENG 316 Foundations of Rhetoric
ENG 440 Studies in Rhetoric
ENG 490 Capstone: Senior Research
HST 490 Capstone: Historical Methods
IDS 490 & IDS 491 Introduction to the Capstone, and
the B.A.-I.S. Capstone
PSY 490 Psychology Capstone
SOC 491 Capstone: Sociology
SWK/SOC 413 Practice Oriented Research
THS 490 Capstone: Senior Integrative Seminar
Any History course 200 level or above

Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
PHL 102 Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHL 305 Symbolic Logic

Understanding of the U.S. Legal System
PLS 250 Introduction to the Legal Profession
PLS 122 American National Government
PLS 310 Constitution and Supreme Court
PLS 492 Pre-Law Internship
SOC 208 Constitutional Law in Criminal Justice
BUS 440 Employment Law
ENV 418 Environmental Policy
Any US History Course at 300 or 400 Level

Foundation in Ethics and Social Justice
PHL 103 Introduction to Ethics
SOC 324 Ethics and Criminal Justice
BUS 430 Business Ethics
SWK 312 Social Welfare Systems
SWK 412 Contemporary Social Welfare Policy and Services
THS 265 Christian Ethics
THS 435 Peace, Justice, and Forgiveness

Business and Economic Knowledge
BUS 201 Accounting I
BUS 202 Accounting II
BUS 255 Microeconomics
BUS 304 Corporate Finance