Photo of leader talking with colleagues at a conference table

by Angela Dunn

July 23, 2020

Lourdes University is a member of the CBEN organization and has adopted the Quality Framework for Competency -Based Education Programs set by the CBEN network.

  1. Demonstrated Institutional Commitment to and Capacity for CBE Innovation
    Lourdes University created focus groups, secured funding, and involved nursing faculty with the technology selection process.
  2. Clear, Measurable, Meaningful and Integrated Competencies
    Lourdes University is beginning the process of integrating a CBE model with The College of Nursing’s approved curriculum. The RN to MSN and RN to BSN have proven to demonstrate a curriculum with clear, measurable, and meaningful objectives.
  3. Coherent Program and Curriculum Design
    Lourdes University plans to use current curriculum and credit hour equivalency models to meet this standard.
  4. Credential-level Assessment Strategy with robust implementation
    Lourdes University will follow the approved scale of scholarship when designing CBE courses.
  5. Intentionally Designed and Engaged Learner Experience
    Lourdes University hired an instructional designer to assist with developing quality and engaging online CBE experiences for students.
  6. Collaborative Engagement with External Partners
    Lourdes University staff have been in constant contact with partners regarding additional opportunities, buy-in, and expert advice.
  7. Transparency of Student Learning
    Lourdes University is in the process of designing a robust marketing plan, communication plan, and student orientation.
  8. Evidence-driven Continuous Improvement
    Lourdes Univerity is working with an assessment consulting group to help track our assessment data.  In addition, the coordinator of competency-based programs identified a CBE assessment metrics framework that will be used to track every aspect of the CBE process.


You can find a link to the ful Framework below: