Nursing instructor teaching nursing student in simulation

MSN: Nurse Educator Competency-Based Education Pathway Program

Undergraduate Courses Core

MTH 212 Statistics

Enduring Question course

NUR 300 Foundations in Evidence Based Practice

NUR 460 Concepts in Professional Nursing*

NUR 475 Concepts in Population Focused Nursing

NUR 480 Concepts in Leadership & Management

Sum – Credit Hours: 18


Graduate Courses Core

ENG 670 Graduate Nursing Writing Preparation

NUR 600 Theories and Values for Advanced Nursing

NUR 612 Healthcare Policy in a Diverse Community

NUR 620 Advanced Statistics and Data Analysis

NUR 622 Advanced Nursing Inquiry for Evidence Based Practice

NUR 625 Nursing Informatics

NUR 696 Professional Proposal Design

NUR 698 Nursing Capstone

Sum – Credit Hours: 22


MSN Educator Track   

NUR 616 Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan for the Nurse in an Advanced Role

NUR 619 Advanced Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan

NUR 637 Pharmacology Across the Lifespan for Advanced Nursing Role

NUR 640 Perspectives on Teaching & Learning

NUR 643 Curriculum Design

NUR 645 Assessment and Evaluation in Healthcare Education

NUR 692 Practicum in the Advanced Nursing Role – Educator*

Sum – Credit Hours: 21

Program Total Credit Hours: 61

*Includes a 120 hour supervised clinical practicum.