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by CBE Support Team

August 20, 2020

Success coaches are a relatively new role on college campuses. They may be called an academic coach, achievement coach, retention coach, life coach, or leadership coach. These roles were commonly seen in business models and K-12 education before entering the higher education landscape in the early 2000’s. For a competency-based style of learning, this position proves to be vital in student academic success, retention, and completion of programs.

Who is your Success Coach?

Meet your Success Coach DeAnna Seger, she will be supporting you throughout your Competency Based Education program completion. She is a Lourdes Alumni with Bachelor of Arts in Education and over 7 years’ experience in Higher Education Student Services. She has a strong passion for assisting others and helping them to achieve their goals! As a Success Coach, she firmly believes with the right support in place you can not only achieve your goal but retain the skills and knowledge all while growing in your career! She has worked in a variety of roles in higher education from Admissions, classroom management and training, student support, Career Services and regional online student management. Her background gives her a unique perspective into a student’s needs and allows her to place herself in their shoes and find solutions to whatever issues arise. She believes remaining positive and strategizing, offering multiple ideas fosters students She was born and raised in the Toledo area and is married to her wonderful husband Jack and they have twin girls who just started high school. She is an avid traveler who loves to explore new places, especially the beach as it brings her peace. She has a great appreciation for music and attends concerts as often as possible. She most of all loves spending time with family and friends. Her daughters own their own business, and she is their biggest promoter, assisting them however needed. She also loves attending their volleyball games and other activities. She loves working within her community and volunteers with several local and national organizations as well.

Enrolling in a Competency Based Education program requires a lot of intrinsic motivation and time management skills. While there are no specific due dates for assignments, it is easy to procrastinate or let our busy daily lives get in the way. This is where your Success Coach comes in. She is here to here to support and assist you in planning your course load, offer study techniques and time management tips, work with you on any concerns you have, connect you with resources and act as a liaison between other departments and instructors as well as assist with any other needs that may arise. She is devoted to you and your goals; working one on one with you to strategize and plan to achieve goals, whether big or small. If you’re having a rough day, trouble balancing work/school/home life or have a question no matter how small, she is here to listen and help to the best of her ability. If she can’t help, she will connect you with someone who can! Many of you will be balancing very busy schedules including work, family and personal commitments all while working towards your degree completion. The Competency Based Program is perfect for those busy individuals who need the flexibility to work on their own time and pace. DeAnna understands the balance and will reach out to check in from time to time as she tracks your progress through the course. She is here to assist as much or as little as needed, all at your personal comfort level. She is available via email, phone, Brightspace, zoom, or in person. While you are in an online program, we love to see you on campus, and you have full access to all resources at Lourdes University. If you are looking to get more involved in student groups, campus events, ministry or scheduling time with Career Services or the Academic Success Center, DeAnna can connect you with those resources as well! DeAnna is devoted to assisting you in achieving your goals and excited to be sharing your journey through the program! She says, “While the end goal is all the same, each students journey is as unique as they are, and being along for the ride is truly a gift! I love seeing growth and positive change, celebrating the big and the small victories! I want students to know I am always their champion and will work hard to help them achieve their personal and professional success!”

So, what exactly does a success coach do?

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In general, what does a Success Coach do?

  • Inspire and motivate
  • Connect students to campus and community resources
  • Utilize program analytics to monitor student progression
  • Provide non-academic support
  • Build community
  • Identify student’s strengths and goals to create personal plan of action for the completion of the program
  • Serve as a liaison between students, faculty, and Academic Success Center Staff

What are some examples of how they can help you?

  • Your coach may not be an expert in your chosen field, but they are trained in the online, competency-based education format and the requirements of your program.
  • Your coach may help you with several situations, including:
  • Building confidence and maintaining a positive outlook
  • Keeping you engaged with course content to ensure successful completion of your program
  • Assist with time management skills and study strategies
  • Managing education, work, and other priorities
  • Connecting with campus resources and departments, such as the Academic Success Center, financial aid, or campus ministry
  • Holding you accountable to your goals by analyzing course progression data

How is a Success Coach different than an academic/program advisor?

While both positions have similar qualities, there are important distinctions to each.

  • An academic/program advisor helps to establish a plan of study, enroll in courses, major/minor selection, etc. It is typically required to meet with an advisor prior to course registration.
  • A success coach helps with all non-academic needs. They are a source of accountability and motivation to complete objectives and goals. By monitoring students’ progression through courses alongside building personal relationships, a success coach has a holistic view of how a student is doing. They work in conjunction with faculty to ensure student success.

How do Success Coaches communicate with students?

  • Through email, phone, Brightspace, Skype/Zoom, face-to-face (following COVID-19 guidelines), and more! Communication is individualized based off what each student needs and is comfortable with.

How is a Success Coach at Lourdes unique?

  • The success coach incorporates the Lourdes values of community, learning, service, and reverence in their interactions with students.
  • The success coach’s sole responsibility is to work with CBE students and faculty.
  • A flexible and personalized communication plan will be followed for each student, with adjustments made as needed.
  • Committed to the mission and vision of CBE programs, the success coach continually researches best practices to implement into their role.