Photo of Nursing Instructor Teaching In Lab At Bedside
  1. Synthesize liberal education and nursing knowledge within a systems framework for advanced nursing roles.
  2. Exhibit critical thinking and evidenced-based decision-making incorporating scientific inquiry as a foundation to reach appropriate clinical judgement for health promotion, disease prevention and management of illness.
  3. Develop leadership through the analysis of the organization, policy and financing of systems and their effect on individuals and populations for optimal outcomes.
  4. Utilize effective communication, inter-and intra-disciplinary collaborative skills, and interprofessional partnerships to impact care through collaboration, management, coordination, and delivery.
  5. Incorporate the Franciscan ethics and standards of professional nursing, portraying the core values and ethics of accountability, caring, communication, clinical reasoning, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.
  6. Demonstrate leadership to plan change and promote quality outcomes affecting culturally diverse individuals and populations providing high quality and safety care.

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