Nurse Aide to BSN Photo


Department of Nursing Learning Outcomes

  • Provide nursing care that recognizes the patient as a full partner and source of control.
  • Through individual performance and organizational processes, provide care to patients that minimizes risk of harm to patient, others and self.
  • Participate fully in the health care team in such a way that fosters mutual respect and shared decision making.
  • Use current technology to manage patient information and other data to maximize safety and optimize health outcomes.
  • Provide nursing care grounded in the Christian ethic and portraying the core nursing values of accountability, caring, communication, clinical reasoning, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.
  • Provides nursing care while modeling the professional roles of coordinator of care, educator, advocate, and leader.
  • Provides nursing care recognizing the populations and groups are patients with unique needs and requiring the services of educated nurses.
  • Provides nursing care with an understanding of and appreciation for the diverse backgrounds, values and beliefs of each individual and group.