College of Nursing


Achieve national recognition for the continuous development of individuals and education that impacts the practice of nursing and patient outcomes

The Mission Statement of the Lourdes University College of Nursing  

To prepare undergraduate and graduate nursing students in an individualized educational environment that incorporates quality nursing practice, critical thinking, leadership, diversity, and Christian ethics. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs prepare professional nurses to continuously improve quality and safety in healthcare delivery systems and exemplify holism, ethics, respect for diversity, community service, and Franciscan values.  Emphasis is placed on nursing theory, research, and practice to facilitate personal and professional development in an environment that encourages lifelong learning.

Philosophy of the College of Nursing 

Lourdes University College of Nursing believes that:

  • Health is the dynamic state of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being that is defined in the context of personal values and culture.
  • Nursing is a scientific and caring profession which utilizes the most current evidence in diagnosis and treatment to optimize health, reduce risk, and promote wellness.
  • Learning results in an increase in self-understanding and discovery of knowledge, values, and skills.
  • Learning occurs in a supportive environment through a collaborative partnership that requires active involvement on the part of a student/learner and educator/facilitator.