Through a generous donation made by Dick and Dolly Flasck, the Flasck Nursing Center, located in St. Joseph Hall, offers an environment conducive to optimal learning for nursing students. The center has two classrooms, two large practice areas, and four simulation rooms.

Simulation and Skills

Simulation allows students to put their knowledge into practice by working through realistic situations in a safe, protected learning environment. Through the use of standardized patients, manikins, and technology, students can assess and provide nursing care for specific symptoms, diseases, and conditions taken from real life scenarios.

Manikins Assesment Simulation

A combination of moderate and high-fidelity manikins allow for a safe, controlled environment to practice hands on skills in a realistic simulated setting.

Maternal and Fetal Teaching (MamaNatalie and MamaBirthie)

The MamaNatalie and Mama Birthie permit students to participate in birthing simulations from the onset of labor to the actual birth (including normal birth, vacuum assisted delivery, shoulder dystocia and breech) as well as nursing care of mother and newborn following the birth.  MamaNatalie provides the students opportunities to recognize and provide nursing care for postpartum complications, including severe bleeding, uterine atony, and retained placenta.

The neonate manikins allow the student to perform assessments and nursing care for neonates after simulation birth.

Simulation and Debriefing
Faculty and staff record most student simulations. The videos are used to debrief with the students, noting communication techniques, critical thinking and competency of clinical skills.

Psychomotor Skills
Individualized support from lab staff assists students with perfecting clinical skills such as vital signs, physical assessment, injections, urinary catheters, IV insertions and medication administration.


SAM Student Auscultation Manikin (SAM)
Virtual heart, lung, and bowel sounds assist the learner in auscultation techniques and recognition of changes in patient conditions.

Alaris IV Pump
SMART pump technology is available for simulation and individual practice for safe administration of IV solutions.

Alaris Pump

Intravenous Training Arms
Life-like training arms provide an effective tool for infusion of fluids, medication administration, and venipuncture skills.  Working with the infant, pediatric, adult, and geriatric training arms, students are better prepared to initiate IV therapy across the lifespan

Workstations on Wheels
Workstations on wheels with barcode readers allow students to interact with electronic health records, interpret electronic medication records, practice scanning and administering medications, and document patient care using technology similar to the technology used in clinical settings.

Workstation On Wheels

Lab Classes and Technology Resources

Small Clinical Classes
Small class sizes provide increased opportunities for students to work on critical thinking and nursing skills.

Wireless Internet Access
Wireless internet access is available throughout the Flasck Nursing Center.

Smart Boards
SMART boards create technology that allows interactive, visual dimensions to course lectures and all small classroom activities.