Phot of Nurse With Healthcare Video

Lourdes University General Education (Course or Transfer Equivalent)

MTH 212 Statistics

BUS 399 Enduring Questions

ENG 101 Composition 1: Essay Writing

ENG 355 Writing for the Sciences and Health Professions

HST 121 Survey of US History

ENG 200 Introduction to Literature

PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy

THS 105 World Religion

THS 265 Christian Ethics

ART 100 Introduction to Art

PHL 310 Bioethics

PSY 210 Developmental Psychology


Lourdes University Nursing Courses

NUR 300 Foundations in Evidence Based Practice

NUR 460 Concepts in Professional Nursing*

NUR 461 Applied Concepts in Professional Nursing

NUR 475 Concepts in Population Focused Nursing

NUR 476 Applied Concepts in Population Focused Nursing

NUR 480 Concepts in Leadership & Management

NUR 491 RN Professional Capstone (also counted in core)

*After successful completion of NUR 460, the student will be awarded 39 semester hours of bypass credit.