Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Lourdes University College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to accommodate the educational and professional needs of a variety of nursing students. The pre-Licensure to BSN program is for those who are new to the nursing profession. Individuals who pursue a nursing degree are motivated by the desire to help people live healthier lives and to assist them during life-changing situations. As a pre-licensure nursing major, you will reach your fullest potential.  The hallmarks of the Lourdes University nursing program are the individual classroom and clinical attention students receive. The College of Nursing faculty are dedicated to supporting you on your rewarding journey to earn your BSN degree.

Nursing students take full advantage of these academic and student life opportunities:

  • Receive personalized instruction in clinicals that offer a 6 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • Benefit from the excellent computer and instructional resources available to assist them in their educational studies
  • Learn in the Flasck Nursing Center and Simulation Center
  • Become a member of the student organizations
  • Choose from multiple hospitals and community sites to complete clinicals
  • Take advantage of study abroad opportunities and international mission initiatives
  • 35 hospitals and community sites are offered for students to complete their clinicals
  • All nursing students are advised by Nursing Faculty
  • The Nursing Major encourages student athletes to continue in their major throughout the program

The goal of the Lourdes College School of Nursing curriculum is to graduate students who possess the knowledge skills and attitudes (KSAs) to impact both individual and system approaches to patient safety and thus can transition readily into complex health care systems.   The plan of study includes a total of 125 credit hours within a 15-week semester model. Students complete general education courses, prerequisite courses, and 60 hours of coursework within the nursing major. A student can finish the coursework in 4 years.


Josh Duncan M.S.Ed
BSN Advisor & Coordinator
Lourdes University College of Nursing
St. Clare Hall 244