College of Nursing Learning Outcomes

  • Professional Nursing
    Synthesize liberal education and nursing knowledge as a foundation for decision making in the nursing role
  • Person Centered Care
    Provide nursing care that is based on current evidence, clinical expertise, ethical practice, and patient preference, needs, and values and recognizes the patient as a full partner and source of control
  • Collaboration
    Use current technology to foster effective communication as part of a collaborative team approach, to manage patient information, and other data to maximize safety and optimize health outcomes with all stakeholders
  • Population Health
    Demonstrate leadership to promote quality outcomes to provide high quality and safe care to diverse individuals and populations that minimize risk of harm to patient, others, and self.
  • Values based care
    Provide nursing care grounded in the Franciscan ethics and portraying the core nursing values of accountability, caring, communication, clinical reasoning, critical thinking and lifelong learning
  • Safety and Quality Improvement
    Engage fully in the health care team demonstrating leadership through the analysis of the organization, policy, and processes to foster mutual respect and shared decision-making to achieve quality patient care
  • Evidence Based Practice
    Exhibit Critical thinking and decision-making evidence-based nursing practice incorporating scientific inquiry as a foundation to reach appropriate clinical judgement for health promotion, disease prevention and management of illness